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Risk categorising your entire supplier universe for ESG & Sustainability.

Implement a successful Risk Assessments programmespeeki ESG due dilligence

Your suppliers have different risks when it comes to ESG & Sustainability. Likewise, even suppliers in the same category of spend will have different risks.

  • Speeki GreenPrint™ helps create a risk map of your supplier categories to help you understand and value risk
  • Build your compliance with CSDDD and the German Supply Chain Act (just to name a few) which require a risk-based approach to supplier due diligence using Speeki GreenPrint™

The time has come for you to assess your suppliers for their ESG & Sustainability risks. In an increasingly regulated World, you are being required to conduct due diligence on members of your value chain to end the impact of human rights and environmental issues. Such due diligence is only required for 'higher risk' suppliers. Not every category of supplier will create risk for your business and even within the same category of supplier there are different areas on which you need to focus. You need a clear strategy on your supply chain and how you should conduct further due diligence on specific suppliers.

Speeki Green Print™ is the solution to assessing your value chain for ESG & Sustainability risks. We provide a 'green' print for you to then apply a suite of due diligence systems for onboarding, qualification, and ongoing monitoring.

Speeki GreenPrint™ is the first step in your supply chain ESG & Sustainability strategy.

Speeki GreenPrint™ will study your supply chain and the categories of spend. Using our experts (with some support from our Ai engine), we will identify a risk map of areas in which you need to focus.

  • With knowledge about the risks of each category of supply you can then start to identify your due diligence strategy.

  • We look at the overall categories of your spend, the locations, and the amounts you spend.

  • By looking at your data and conducting some workshops and knowledge sessions (known as risk roundtables) we start to build a picture of risk and start to build out a map of potential areas to focus.

  • We supplement your data with information from our risk roundtables, previous issues you might have encountered, results of our own risk models, country data, and our own research then start to compile a risk map of categories.

  • The result is a risk map that sets out the categories of spend and the countries of spend that will be important to you for further due diligence. You can use this data as your risk assessment and materiality guide in ESG & Sustainability disclosures.


Using Speeki GreenPrint™ will give you a defensible approach at understanding risk in your value chain. It will give you the guidance you need to start your due diligence process in a risk-based way.

  • You will know how to target due diligence initiatives and save time and money by not wasting time on irrelevant due diligence

  • Applying our methodology once means that every year a validation exercise can be done to see what may have changed

  • The process will take around 3-4 weeks depending on the data availability and scheduling of risk roundtables

  • The process is not a due diligence exercise, but it will get you ready for due diligence and other assessments

  • At this stage, you are focused on categories of spend and the locations etc. The individual level supplier will be engaged at the due diligence.

  • Your risk mapping exercise can use your technology or ERM if necessary and we can blend into that system

  • The costs of Speeki GreenPrint™ can be scoped quickly and will depend on the size of the organisation and complexity of the supply chain.

  • Reach out to learn more.


The Speeki team have been involved in conducting risk assessments of third parties for over 15 years.

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    We are business focused and understand how large companies work and how you value risk and ESG & Sustainability.

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    We are used to holding risk roundtables where we challenge participants to get involved and be a part of the risk process rather than just being a participant.

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    We understand the ESG & Sustainability risk areas and apply that knowledge to our projects combined with your data and company expertise.

The aim of Speeki GreenPrint™ is to map the risks so you can build a due diligence strategy and execute on it.

Step 1: Speeki GreenPrint™

You need to get a map of your key supply chain risks across all your categories of spend.  

Understanding your overall risk and having a structure around the annual risk assessment is not only good practice but it is required by new Sustainability due diligence laws and directives.

Step 2: Speeki Due Diligence Solutions

Speeki has several solutions to assist with due diligence. These include:
Speeki Path™
Speeki Sustainability Score™
Speeki Trust™
Speeki OnBoard™

Depending on the level of risk one of several of the above solutions can be called upon for your due diligence.

Step 3: Validation and Compliance

Due Diligence is important but only if the findings and the remediation steps are validated and checked.

Speeki Partner Integrity™ is our solution for the audit of suppliers. We can conduct audits across a range of criteria to ensure that suppliers are meeting their contractual requirements but also meeting any legal obligations.


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All our projects are lead by senior people with 20+ years experience in risk and due diligence.

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We can operate in multiple countries and understand the complexities of global supply chains.

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Our projects are fixed price and generally fixed time for delivery wherever possible.

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Speeki’s customer success team aims to ensure that every customer, every time, has an exemplary experience with Speeki.

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We speed up the launch of your ESG & Sustainability due diligence efforts with clear direction and findings.

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