Document and track your whole ESG programme

ESG is a large topic and needs its own system to manage the ever-increasing obligations around ESG.  Get ready for reporting out your ESG reporting in one-click. Speeki is the solution to manage ESG across your entire company.


Build your data set inside the platform and get ready for reporting


One location to manage ESG across the company


Start to integrate ESG across the business and understand risk

Document your ESG programme
Document your ESG programme

Speeki is changing the way that companies manage and track their ESG activities

It is very clear that ESG is an evolving business challenge. What is also clear is that it is not going away, is likely to increase significantly, and is tipped to be the largest regulatory focus for companies in the 2023 and beyond. Already 23 countries require some form of ESG reporting.

ESG is more than just sustainability, it is the way that a company engages with its internal and external stakeholders around key Environmental, Social and Governance issues. For most companies, there could be as many as 20 areas that define ESG and each one of those topics need to be developed and managed as programmes. Those programmes will then come together as part of an overall ESG programme.

Speeki is the SaaS platform that helps you manage your entire ESG programme and allows you to build up your documentation and data set around ESG that you will need to report out the results of your programme to stakeholders and regulators.

The ESG profile features of your Speeki platform provides a wealth of information about your ESG initiatives and is an essential tool to visualise your ESG initiatives and build up that data that will be essential to manage your programmes.

Complete your profile on every risk area forming part of ESG

Getting all your information in one space is half the battle with ESG.

ESG isn't owned by one person. It is a collection of people across the company working together. That is why you need one platform to manage all of your ESG efforts. One system to document ESG and one system to track your initiatives.

Visualise your ESG status on one screen  

One picture - one screen - that's your ESG Profile

Every executive loves a dashboard. A picture tells a thousand words and in ESG a picture tells a lot more.

Not only is the ESG profile a picture, but it is a consistent approach to each ESG area that follows the Engage framework to tracking ESG.

Build your data sets and start to build data for reporting

The biggest challenge with ESG is access and use of ESG data.

Speeki is designed to be the one place to store your ESG initiatives and activity. This starts with the development and updating of your ESG profile on each of your relevant ESG risk areas. taking the time to input this information accurately will allow you to use this information later for reporting.


Complete your ESG profile by following the steps provided


Your profile follows a simple framework known as Engage


Create a great way to see your status in a glance


Your ESG profile is very useful to track the quality of your ESG programme


As the platform adds new features, your ESG profile will become more valuable


Our team is available for any and all help with your ESG profile development

Building your ESG profile is the start of ESG management. Setting your goals, objectives and starting to visualise risk is all part of your ESG journey.

Setup ESG Profile

One visual. One indicator of status across your ESG profile.

If you want to see where you are at any time with ESG, your ESG profile image is a good place to start. The ESG profile image gives you a quick overview on the status of your profile and shows where you need to focus your attention to complete your profile. Color coded to reflect an easy mechanism to see your status is useful for busy executives.

Each ESG risk area is reflected separately allowing you to build your profile based on your priorities.

ESG is made up of up to 20 different risk areas. Your company will want to focus on some risks over others based on its own risk profile, risk tolerance and its priorities.

The ESG profile consists for each risk and you get to choose which ones you focus on, which ones are important to complete. All of the profiles for each risk follow a consistent approach and a similar set of questions, allowing you to speed up the building of your profile.

Build ESG profilebased on risk areas.
Bribery and corruption questionnaires.

Your ESG Profile is your document management system for everything ESG.

In completing your ESG profile you can upload documents, including policies, procedures, objectives, risk assessments, audits, assessments and all documents associated with your ESG risk area into your ESG Profile on the Speeki Platform. One place where all of your documents can be stored and tracked and then used for future tracking and inclusion into reports.

Your ESG profile will form the basis of your reporting to stakeholders or regulators as requirements develop

ESG framework and stages

Data is key with ESG. Starting your data journey with your ESG profile is your first step.

As the requirements around ESG reporting increase both internally and externally to regulators, there will be a need to use the data in your Speeki platform to generate those reports and interact directly with those that need to access data on ESG. Building your ESG profile and keeping it updated will help to use that profile as the content of various reports coming from the system.

Account for different positions across entities

It is possible that when managing a large company, your answers to certain ESG topics might be different according to different business groups or subsidiaries. Speeki allows variations of answers within the ESG profile by allowing for additional entries to be made to address these differences.

With the use of tags and classifications being enhanced in future releases, you will be able to parse out certain variations in certain reports that are produced based on that material.

Answer ESG profiling questions
ESG tools

Using the Speeki platform tools to drive your ESG profile and add further value

Building your ESG profile within Speeki is the first step in getting a 'baseline' on your activities and understanding your status across ESG. Of course, a baseline is just the start of your process of managing ESG.

Speeki already has a number of tools built into the platform that allows you to 'operationalise' certain elements of your programme. e.g. surveys, incident reporting, declare and disclose. In future release there will be greater connection of these elements and tools to your profile to truly connection the profile into your operations.

Get ready for reporting.

Speeki believes that there is a near guaranteed likelihood that every company will need to report out elements of its ESG initiatives by the end of this decade. Twenty-eight countries are already requiring some form of reporting on certain ESG matters. We expect this to grow exponentially both in the number of countries requiring reporting and on the topics that need to be reported. It is just a matter of time.

Building your ESG profile inside the Speeki platform is the first step in getting across your reporting requirements. Building up your profile and then using the Speeki platform to build your ESG initiatives and operationalize ESG allows you to build that reporting model more effectively when you need to do so both internally to your stakeholders and externally to your regulators.

Report out ESG elements
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Speeki is the solution for managing your ESG initiatives in one place.

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