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Capture those stakeholders that are talking about your ESG but not actively 'reporting' it

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What is being reported is good to know, but it’s also important to know what is not being reported

Social media is alive with comments, feedback, observations, and issues about every company.  Staying aware of issues being said in social and traditional media is called ‘social listening’. As part of every whistleblower programme, you also need to include social listening to listen to what is not being reported.

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Case Study

Listening for issues and trends in social media can highlight hidden issues around management, leadership, diversity, inclusion, and a host of other risk areas

With such an important source of information, social media monitoring cannot be ignored. But social listening is more than just ‘keeping an eye on Twitter’; it involves skill in choosing key words to listen for and then using expertise to turn on listening activities. It also involves skill in sifting through the ‘noise’ and distilling insights from what is left. Speeki Social™ focuses on getting you information obtained through social and traditional media that can alert you to potential issues being talked about in social media.


Intelligent key words and technology

Expertise to sift through the ‘noise’

Greater insight into what is ‘not being reported’

Situation or challenge

Our client realised that social media was awash with comments about their company. Some related to service and quality issues, but occasionally there would be threads around discriminatory practices, racism and poor management. Our client needed to get to the bottom of these comments and determine what was going on in the underlying programmes.


Our solution was to propsoe Speeki Social™ as a listening solution across key risk areas that were of concern. Working with our partner, we put in place social listening for three months in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and traditional media. After listening, we then sorted through the noise and provided them with the result – summaries showing they had clear evidence of issues they need to focus on. This is a monthly or quarterly service that provides significant information for the client on their ESG issues.


The results were clear. There were issues concerning racism in hiring and their operations that they had to address. Whether actual or not, the perception was there that these concerns existed. Our services helped them see issues in advance specific to ESG and compliance matters and they rely on us as a solution that aids and supports their ESG monitoring.

* We take our clients' confidentiality seriously. While we've masked or changed their names, the results are real.

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