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Social listening techniques and funnels
Speeki Social™

The journey to discovering new outside views of your business

Data collection

You choose the most appropriate media to monitor, and select keywords and hashtags, including slang and colloquialisms, reflecting your key risk areas. Speeki, in partnership with Tricycle Europe, collects and records related comments and communications (see Speeki Social™ Overview for details of Tricycle Europe).

Cleaning and validation

The significant amount of data collected is reviewed by Speeki and our content partner, cleaned to eliminate “noise” – irrelevant or trivial content – and validated where possible. This is a value add provided by Speeki that is led by our experts as even the latest technology we use is not fully able to validate the relevant material from an ESG content perspective.

Analysis against other Speeki data

Social listening data is analysed against other data from Speeki to reveal insightful connections. You will receive periodic reports as well as guidance on modifying your keyword selection. Findings and insights are posted to your Speeki dashboard for action.

Speeki Social™

Uncover and mitigate risks through social listening

mitigate risks through social listening

See it all on one dashboard

Speeki Social™ consolidates all the social media mentions of your brand into a cloud-based dashboard of insights that measure sentiment, trending words and phrase frequencies – helping you identify systemic issues and mitigate risks.

Zoom in quickly on specific risks and respond rapidly

Specific social media channels and authors that present risks can be searched and contacted at speed so you can take charge and influence the conversation. When crises emerge, every second matters. You need the tools to respond so that you never miss a critical mention. You can steer your company through critical moments.

Take action based on insights

When actionable insights power your risk management decisions, you'll find meaning in millions of conversations around your brand.  React to every stakeholder and ESG insight, and break down the silos between stakeholder groups to build an insight-driven culture. Find new business opportunities by following our industry-leading AI and connect the dots to insights that can grow your business.

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You need to actively listen to the market to find out what is happening with your brand's ESG

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